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This web site and blog is maintained by Joseph Paul Sarsero in Melbourne, Australia.

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The Sarsero surname is shared by a single, large extended family spread out over at least four continents around the globe. There is some uncertainty about the origins of the Sarsero surname. All family members can trace their ancestry back to the Mediterranean island nation of Malta.

Some believe that it has Spanish or Turkish roots. In a dialect of Portuguese “sarsero” is translated as “confusion.” In a local dialect of Murcia in Spain it means “one who likes to know everything” or “one who likes to gossip.”

The latest information obtained from records at the Senglea Parish Church in Malta suggests that the name “Sarsero” originated circa 1800, and was possibly a misspelling of “Salsero” or “Salsedo,” a name that can be traced back to Pantelleria, Italy.

We appear to be descended from Joseph Salsero or Salsedo, who was listed as an inhabitant of the island of Pantelleria, Italy. He was married to Maria Dancona. Guesswork only would place their assumed dates of birth to be circa 1770.

The initial version of the Sarsero family tree on this site was prepared using information gathered from my father, Paul Sarsero (1938), my grandfather, Joseph Sarsero (1916) and my great auntie Bernadette (1927) and her family. There are bound to be some errors and there are certainly many gaps present.

I intend to continue to improve and extend the family tree and add more branches as information becomes available. This is only possible with input from members of the Sarsero family. I would greatly appreciate if you could please contact me by E-mail with any information about your family members that you can supply, and I shall incorporate it into the family tree.

I have set up this blog to inform members of the Sarsero family about updates to the family tree. The comments section of the blog can also serve as a forum for family members to discuss topics relating to the family tree. For those of you familiar with RSS, you can subscribe to this blog in your favourite newsreader and new entries will be automatically delivered to you. Just click on the RSS link at the top of the page.

Sarsero Family Tree

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